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    Sep 08

    untitled-101.jpgWhen out shopping for diamonds, there are typically two types from which you can choose: big diamonds and small diamonds. For most people, anything diamond related often follows the philosophy of “the bigger, the better.” However, more and more people are realizing that you can have the same, beautiful, piece of diamond jewelry with the same carat weight and not have one big diamond.Many large diamond rings, especially engagement and anniversary rings, are pushed towards shoppers as a way to declare their love and commitment. These rings are nice, but many times, shoppers will begin to sacrifice one of the 4C’s for the carat. Typically, this sacrifice comes in the clarity category. With many larger diamonds, especially those that fall into the average shopper’s budget, the bigger it is, the less clear the diamond.

    The clarity of the diamond has a direct reflection on its brilliance, or shine. A clear diamond, one that does not have any flaws, will shine brilliantly when the light hits it correctly. A diamond that lacks that kind of clarity will have a hard time finding the right light or the right angle to make it shine like that.

    Instead, more and more people purchase diamond rings that offer the same weight, but are split up into smaller diamonds that offer much better clarity. While these rings will often cost slightly less, because they are comprised of several, smaller-sized diamonds, they’re still not cheap.

    Smaller diamonds can be combined to create a ring with a larger carat weight in a number of different ways. One popular method is to have a larger diamond in the middle of the ring with a smaller one on each side of the ring. Engagement rings can also be purchased as a set with wedding bands so that the small diamonds attached to the band can blend in with engagement ring to create a perfect set.

    Another way to create a ring from smaller diamonds is an eternity band. These bands offer a circle of small diamonds set into the band and is becoming one of the hottest trends. An alternative to the traditional diamond ring, this band can either be used as an engagement ring or a wedding band.

    Additionally, many rings, including those that have diamond or gems as a center stone, will accent their ring bands with small diamonds set into the band. Many times, these diamonds are very small, but still manage to add a look of elegance to any ring. It just takes research to find out which kind of ring you prefer.

    Much like diamond rings, both large and small diamonds can be found on a necklace pendant. In some cases, people like a large diamond while in other cases they prefer a cluster of small diamonds. Furthermore, diamonds are used to accent certain pendants.

    These small diamonds can either be placed selectively on a pendant, or the diamond can completely cover the design. Diamond encrusted pendants are often a beautiful choice for a person that does not like to wear rings, but enjoys the beauty of diamonds.

    Typically, earrings that offer small diamonds are not as popular as other pieces of jewelry. Earrings can be difficult to see and the larger they are, the more that they stand out with any type of hair style. However, when a person wears drop earrings or larger earrings that hang, like chandelier earrings, these earrings will contain several small diamonds.

    With this type of earring, it often is not possible for a person to wear too many large diamonds because of the weight. Therefore, jewelers choose to place several, brilliant smaller diamonds that offer the same sparkle and shine, but with the weight of the earring better distributed throughout the entire design.

    Watches are another popular place to spot small diamonds. Whether they are for women or men, many watches today have diamonds on them. In many cases, these diamonds dictate the hours on the watch. In other cases, the diamonds are placed on the dial of the watch in a purely cosmetic manner.

    Some watches will have small diamonds in the band, although these watches are typically for women. Whenever and wherever small diamonds are added to a piece of jewelry, it can be done in a fashion that makes the piece elegant instead of making you look or feel as if you cannot afford a bigger diamond.

    Purchasing small diamonds may be the way to go for you or you may want to purchase a larger one. Either way, diamonds are all about personal preference. However, it is important to keep in mind all 4C’s when purchasing diamonds of any size so that you get a beautiful diamond that will last you a lifetime.

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