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    Dec 26

    The most popular and traditional engagement ring is the solitaire princess cut diamond ring. However, celebrities who like to create their own rings and express their unique styles often choose a different design. While the average fan can’t emulate the mega-rock whoppers that celebrities currently prefer, it’s not that hard to at least knock-off the style. Here are a few unusual engagement celebrity ring choices that might help give you hints on how to design your own engagement ring, too.

    Halo Ring

    It’s official! Shanae Grimes, star of 90210, is now engaged to her model boyfriend, Josh Beech. The couple was spotted sharing an ice cream sundae moment, while Grimes flashed her newest fashion accessory – a halo engagement ring. The halo ring is named for the way the center stone is surrounded with a halo of micro or pave diamonds or other precious stones. To make the ring even more unique, the center stone was a colored gemstone, whether sapphire or a black diamond it’s unclear.

    Ashoka or Table Cut

    Some vintage cuts are making a comeback on celebrity ring fingers. Brad Pitt opted for a table cut for Angelia Jolie’s engagement ring. Reese Witherspoon ended up with a rare Ashoka-cut stone in her ring. This makes the top of the center stone flat, which can be a problem for really small diamonds. However, the larger celebrity stones can benefit from vintage cuts that have been improved over time to make them more sparkly by adding facets around the sides of the stone. If you want the same look, you can get either a lower quality diamond or opt for a different center stone to help keep the cut, but lose the hefty price tag.

    Colored Diamonds

    It’s great to live in modern times when diamonds come in all colors of the rainbow. If you’re a celebrity, why settle for a plain, white, diamond when you can have any color you want? In fact, many celebrities decide they want to make a unique statement by having a center stone that is a different color. Mariah Carey’s ring featured a pink diamond for the center stone. Carrie Underwood had a yellow diamond in her ring.

    Other Stones

    While it may seem a bit untraditional not to feature a diamond in your engagement ring, the truth is that having a diamond in your engagement ring is a pretty recent custom. In the past, center stones were made of all sorts of precious stones, from rubies to sapphires. That’s why it’s not that unusual to see a sapphire ring handed down from Princess Di go to Kate Middleton as her official engagement ring. It not only serves to honor the memory of someone in the family, but also is beautiful in its uniqueness. However, you don’t have to be a royal or have a family relation in the past give you an engagement with something other than a diamond as the center stone. If you’re like Jessica Simpson, you just have to place your order with Neil Lane jewelers to get a ruby center stone. The stone wasn’t just a way to be non-traditional or unique, it also was a reference to Jessica Simpson’s July birthday, for which the birthstone happens to be ruby. When choosing a celebrity-inspired design for your big engagement plans, these are some ways to imitate the stars without having to plunk down for huge center stones that are unaffordable for the average person.

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