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    Aug 20

    Wedding_rings_2Jewelry designers have thought up something new: the divorce ring. It’s similar to an engagement ring in that it is celebrating a big life-changing occasion, even if that occasion is the break-up of a marriage. The idea behind the divorce ring appeals to many different types of people who want to have some way to tell others they are now divorced, or simply to mark the event in their own lives. Jewelry has traditionally been a way to mark big events, from graduations to weddings, so it’s not that far-fetched to include divorces. With about half the U.S. population experiencing a divorce at some point in their lives, this piece of statement jewelry should only become more and more popular with as time goes on.

    Rites of Passages

    A divorce is a rite of passage from a coupled life into a single life again. For many people, that signifies a new reality where they can date and have a little more lifestyle freedom. All their married lives they had to wear a ring on their left-hand to signify their marriage status, and once the divorce hits it can be tough to break the habit. Depending on whether the divorce was amicable or not, they might want to keep a ring on that finger, but with some other symbolism to mark the passing of a marriage.

    What to Commemorate

    Amicable endings can result in a person opting for a divorce ring with sentimental symbolism. They might opt for a broken heart with a diamond in the middle. They might want to include some symbol that represents the husband, as a reminder. It can include symbolism from a joint trip taken together, or something special to their relationship. In this way, once they take off the wedding bands, they still have the divorce ring to remind them of the pleasant times they had with their ex and put a positive meaning to the separation.

    For those endings that aren’t so amicable, the divorce ring is a celebration of being single again. They will want to flaunt that status and a divorce ring is a perfect way to tell others that you’re “available” again. In that case, the ring might not be even worn on the left hand anymore. It might be put on the opposite hand on the fourth finger. This is symbolic of how they are single again too.

    What People Choose

    A divorce ring doesn’t have to have a diamond solitaire, like an engagement ring. It can be a very personal piece of jewelry that you design with the statement of your divorce in mind. They can be large rings that call attention to the fact that you’re divorced now, or they can be subtler. They can include gemstones or be simple bands. They can be engraved with words or not. It’s completely up to the person getting a divorce ring as to what they want on them.

    The choice of the ring and how to wear it is personal. Some people who are not happy with their ex-spouses may decide to wear the ring on the middle finger, indicating their animosity towards the ex. Others take a more positive approach and use the rings to remind them of the good things about the marriage. Still others don’t linger on the past at all and the divorce ring can be about looking towards a new and brighter future and leaving the past behind.

    New Life, New Jewelry

    Ultimately, getting new jewelry after a divorce is also a way to re-assert one’s individual identity. Couples tend to buy jewelry for each other, and often a woman may end up wearing a piece of jewelry she doesn’t even really like because it was a gift. For men, the women might not want to give the spouse a gift of a ring or favors a more rustic look for her man. Either way, when you’re coupled the spouse who can influence the choices of design or style often critiques jewelry choices.

    When you’re single again, you might find you really do love a larger style ring or those hoop earrings your spouse hated you wearing. As a man, you may decide you want not just one ring, but several rings. You don’t have to ask the spouse if you can splurge on a ring because the budget has been split in two, along with the marriage. One of the biggest perks of being single is that you don’t have to ask anyone’s permission to make a purchase, so that’s the time to celebrate that freedom by going out and buying a luxury divorce ring to celebrate that fact.

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    1. Divorced woman Says:

      many divorced women would not want divorce jewelry to show they are available. they would more likely wear it to show they are divorced and went to stay that way. also, if abused in the marriage would show they are now free, their own person. who would want to do it all over again? must be dumb

    2. itailor shirts Says:

      I’m not rattling wonderful watts. Eng. but then I recieve effectively up in which solemn straightforward especially you just read first and foremost .

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