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    May 29

    Diamond rings are frequently associated with engagement rings and wedding rings; however, there is no denying the fact that in some cases, marriages simply do not last forever. This leaves the question of what a woman should do with a ring, or rings, once the relationship has ended and furthermore, what she should do with that bare ring finger once she slips off her engagement ring or wedding set.

    One of the most common options for getting rid of an engagement ring or wedding set after the end of a relationship is to sell the ring. Most women do not wish to keep a reminder of a sad time during their life and would rather have the money the jewelry brings to fund their new lifestyle.

    While many women find they enjoy the idea of a bare finger after leaving behind a difficult relationship, there are other women who discover that it feels strange to have a bare finger, especially if they were involved in a relationship for a number of years.

    Enter the idea of the divorce ring. Many women, as well as men, having recently ended an important relationship, have found that a divorce ring solves the problem nicely. For many, the idea of a divorce ring allows them to experience some emotional closure regarding a painful event and the transition into a new phase of their lives.

    Divorce rings are really not a new idea. Although many people assume that divorce was not common during the early part of the 20th century, it certainly did happen. In some cases, women found that wearing a divorce or disunion ring served an excellent way to make the transition from being married to being divorced. One of the most popular divorce rings of the time featured a broken heart. Less elaborate options included cutting a notch into the actual wedding band to indicate that the marriage had come to an end.

    Divorce rings vary in style. Some rings, for example, are quite clear about the message they send. For example, they may feature a design that is cut in half; clearly indicating a recent divorce. Other divorce rings are designed with more of a hopeful message. The materials used in the rings also tend to vary, much like engagement rings. Some, for example, are cast in gold while others feature platinum or silver. In some cases, newly divorced individuals choose to have their old wedding band melted down and their new divorce ring created from the materials. The question of whether to include diamonds in the divorce ring is also a personal matter. Some people choose to save the diamonds from their wedding rings for another purpose and use the other materials for their new divorce ring. Technically, there are no actual rules regarding what can be included in a divorce ring and what cannot be included, just as there are no hard and fast rules for engagement rings. While many consumers do prefer a solid metal divorce ring or even a divorce ring set with some other type of gemstone, there is nothing stopping you from having a divorce ring set with diamonds.

    2 Responses to “Divorce Rings are Becoming More Popular”

    1. Magicien Loire Says:

      It’s a good idea, I adore it.

    2. Divorced woman Says:

      would love to see jewelry for divorced women who experienced much abuse while married and now considered themselves free. it would be a symbol of their idenity of themself and their ife now free from the abusive man. a good thing…..cant find anywhere. it could be as simple as a free flying bird and imprinted “free” or even a happy face charm which says love single ilfe again. anything to signify they are happy to be free and out of marriage. it could become a trend for theose divorced and there are many many who are and will be until men become human.

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