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    Oct 15

    When Pliny the Elder — the famous solider, writer and philosopher of the ancient Roman Empire — wrote “The diamond is the most valuable thing on earth” he did so over 1000 years before diamonds could be cut. He was referring to natural diamonds, which even in their raw, unpolished form were worth a fortune.

    Two millennia later, and Pliny’s words ring as true as they ever have.

    While there is a constant debate raging about the “real” value of diamonds, and how much worth they have as a financial investment, this fact is often overlooked. Before there was De Beers, before there was advertising and marketing, before there was a global market for jewelry, before the technology to cut and craft stones even existed, diamonds were extremely valuable.

    For as long as humans have known about diamonds, they have craved diamonds. Today’s market, in which rare colored gems go for tens of millions of dollars at auctions, is not much different than any other time in the past.

    Diamonds have always been seen as a great investment. Continue reading »

    Oct 11

    Diamonds are among the most rare and valuable objects on Earth. They can only be found in a few select areas on the planet, but the building blocks for diamonds are actually scattered far and wide across the known universe.

    There is a planet-sized diamond that has been named Lucy. Our much beloved black diamonds are created from meteor dust. And now scientists believe that there are actual diamonds on other planets.

    Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, and Uranus may all be home to diamonds, say two top researchers at the latest conference for the American Astronomical Society, Division of Planetary Sciences.

    Which begs a list of questions – how do they form? Are they like our diamonds? Can one fit into my heirloom ring setting? Continue reading »

    Oct 10

    This fall, it’s all about geometric shapes and designs. Triangles are eye catching, and studs and spikes are full of flair, but don’t stop there! Rectangles, arrows, squares, semi-circles, any jewelry that is structured and symmetrical is the look you want. Cutesy mustaches, prints and woodland creatures are OUT. Go for more  sophisticated pieces. So take off the long draping necklaces and vaguely hippie dangly earrings and opt for something more distinctive. Continue reading »

    Oct 08

    In a revealing new Facebook survey from wedding website The Knot, almost half of the respondents said they would not mind paying for half of their own engagement ring. The results are somewhat surprising, and show how more and more people have changed their approach to getting married.

    46% of women said they would contribute, while 54% stuck with the more traditional view that the man should buy the ring.

    Does this signal a decline in the romantic view of the proposal? Or is it a reflection of our modern society, where women work, contribute to household expenses, and are considered equals. Continue reading »

    Oct 04

    Can objects be cursed, or haunted? Everyone has heard about ghosts, spirits and things that go bump in the night, and everyone understands what a haunted house is. But what about a haunted diamond? Can a beautiful piece of jewelry actually carry a curse from one owner to the next?

    Before you make up your mind, listen to the tale of the Hope Diamond, the most famously infamous diamond in the world.

    History of the Hope

    The origins of the Hope Diamond are shrouded in mystery. Historical records give parts of the story, and yet there are long periods where no one knows where the diamond was, or who had it. Because of a lack of facts, a mythology has arisen around the cursed gemstone.

    It is believed the diamond first came to Europe from India by Jean-Baptiste Tavernier. Some claim he purchased the stone, but legend says he stole the massive diamond from the eye of a statue of the goddess Sita. Tavernier took the so-called Tavernier Blue to France, where he sold it to King Louis XIV. Continue reading »

    Oct 03

    An engagement ring is a symbol for love and faithfulness. It is a promise a person makes to their beloved. And while it is an important part of the engagement, it is not the most important part of the process. Some people, due to financial circumstances, are not able to abide the “two month salary” rule for a ring. If a beau doesn’t have enough money, should that mean the couple shouldn’t wed? Of course not. Marriage is about love and devotion, and nothing else matters quite as much.

    That said, the ring does have great value as a symbol. And a great way to show a wife that she is still valued and cherished as much as ever to is give her engagement ring an upgrade.

    Perhaps finances weren’t great when you first started out. But if you’re in a better place now, why not surprise her by taking the ring you could afford, and transforming it into the ring she always wanted. Continue reading »

    Oct 01

    Stephanie Smith is a writer for the New York Post, but has recently become web-famous as the creator of the blog She has embarked on a culinary quest to make her boyfriend 300 unique and tasty sandwiches, and at the end he will give her the proposal she has been waiting for.

    They’ve always said the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Ms. Smith seems to be keenly aware of the truth behind this saying, and it using it to her advantage. Continue reading »

    Sep 27

    Would you like to make history? All it takes is $60 million and you could take home the biggest, most expensive, and most gorgeous pink diamond in the history of the world. You could even name it if you wanted, although it’s hard to top the handle it already has – The Pink Star.

    Pink diamonds are among the most rare and sought after in the world. About 90% of the worlds pink diamonds come from the Argyle mine in Australia, but they have also been found in India and Brazil. Along with black and red, pink is one of the most elusive colors for diamonds. Continue reading »

    Sep 26

    From Shakespeare to Mark Twain, from Emily Dickinson to Rhianna, poets and writers have always been captivated by diamonds. In turn diamonds have been captured in stanza and verse since words were first put to paper.

    As a gem, a diamond is understood to be timeless and perfect. But as a metaphor, diamonds are even more valuable.

    Diamonds are tough, yet beautiful. They looks so delicate, yet are the hardest natural substance on earth. The way the facets catch and reflect light is unlike anything else.

    In poetry, literature, and music, diamonds can mean many things. They stand for wealth. They stand for perfection. They stand for beauty, desire, and accomplishment. No wonder writers are so taken with them! Continue reading »

    Sep 24

    “Let me just say, my jewelry is worth more than I am.”Connie Britton, 2013 Emmy Awards red carpet

    The movies have the Oscars. For music, there are the Grammy Awards and the Country Music Awards. And for television, there are the Emmys – the one night a year everyone who is anyone in the business shows up looking their best to salute everything great about their industry.

    But the Emmys have a little something extra going for them; every year the red carpet at the Emmy Awards signals the start of the fall fashion season. The transition into the new phase of jewelry and fashion began last night, with glamorous yet subdued results.

    Unlike the Grammys, there were no Lady Gagas or Miley Cyruses here to shock and awe with over the top style. At the Emmys, the mood was more conservative and adult. But don’t think that means the red carpet was a snoozefest – far from it – it just showed that in the tv industry, it was more about class and beauty than wild abandon. Continue reading »