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Diamond of the Day

One diamond for one day. You pay what we pay.

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The Diamond-of-the-Day is a high quality, GIA certified stone and is available on a first come, first serve basis only. Clicking the "Buy This Stone" button will require a credit card hold be placed before the stone will be made unavailable to other customers. Any Diamond-of-the-Day not purchased at our special rate will be relisted on the website. More Info »

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Abazias Proudly Presents the Diamond of the Day

You may still be wondering, "What exactly is this Diamond of the Day special?" Just as our brief explanation above attests, we will offer a single diamond at the very same price we pay for it for one day only. That means we aren't making anything extra on this sale. You are getting an excellent quality diamond at an amazing price.

The Diamond of the Day is a great deal for Abazias customers. In our Diamond of the Day section, we will showcase a single GIA certified diamond, along with its specifications to help you decide if it is the right stone for you. During the Diamond-of-the-Day special, the featured stone will be sold to a single buyer at our cost. The same cannot be said for other online diamond retailers!

Remember, because the Diamond of the Day will only be on special for the specified day in question, the trick is to act quickly to take advantage of this very special offer! The Diamond of the Day will be offered on a first come, first serve basis - once it is sold through our shopping cart, we will update our website to indicate that the diamond is no longer available to other customers.

If the diamond is not purchased at our deeply discounted price, the stone will then be relisted on the website at the regular discounted price. Once the stone is relisted is it no longer eligible for any additional price reductions.

Once a customer has elected to purchase the Diamond of the Day, the special diamond will be shipped overnight, fully insured, with its original certificate as soon as the sale is confirmed. And because we take pride in each and every stone we offer, if you are not satisfied with the Diamond of the Day purchase, the Abazias 10-day return policy will apply.

The Diamond of the Day could be the perfect addition to any jewelry collection or the ideal center stone for the perfect engagement ring. You may even use our unique engagement ring builder once you have selected the Diamond of the Day to build the engagement ring of your dreams.

Be sure to keep an eye on our Diamond of the Day section to see what stone we will offer. With over 150,000 diamonds to choose from, the possibilities are endless!