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Time and again Abazias has captured the hearts of millions worldwide with diamonds of unmatched beauty and excellence in workmanship. And now with our newest creation of unparalleled beauty, Abazias proudly presents you The Couples Diamond, the pinnacle of the jeweler's art, the most exquisite diamond in the world.
How can we sell The Couples Diamond, a masterpiece of superior craftsmanship with true "celestial fire", at saving equaled by no other dealer? The answer is:
Abazias and its partners buy its diamonds in the rough.
Abazias' own master diamond cutters then cut and polish each diamond to perfection.
Finally, The Couples Diamond is inspected to insure it meets the precise specifications required to be a hearts and arrows diamond.
Capture your beloved's heart for a lifetime with the stunning hearts and arrows Couples Diamond. Express your hidden desires and seal the promise of your love with the tenderness that only The Couples Diamond offers. It will enchant you both as a symbol of your love that will last a lifetime.
A personal message from the CEO of Abazias:

Greetings, I am Oscar Rodriguez; I personally guarantee the perfection and superiority of every Couples Diamond that we sell, so that you are assured of presenting your loved one with a magnificent and timeless gift.

The Couples Diamond excels the previously set standards of perfection. We chose to invest in the longer cutting time necessary and to sacrifice the carat weight that is required to achieve the excellence and magnificent optical beauty of this stone that bears the H&A initials.

We all at Abazias are available to be of service to you. Our knowledgeable and accessible experts will be glad to help you choose The Couples Diamond that will most eloquently speak the language of your love.

Please call us today at 1.800.603.9940 and let us show you the perfected art that will make you wonder "when was the last time I did something for the first time"? We have the answer for you with the stone that will speak the language of your love and light the fire in her eyes... The Couples Diamond.


Oscar Rodriguez CEO
Abazias Diamonds